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Parent Seminars & Classes 

Not sure you need to start individual or family therapy, but interested in tips and tricks to help with behavior issues? 
Want to learn more about certain diagnoses such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)? 
COME TO A PARENT CLASS hosted on Zoom! 


Parent/caregiver classes are 60-90 minutes depending on the topic. Classes are taught live on zoom to allow interaction and immediate question and answer sessions.

Classes are taught during the lunch hour, evening, and weekends in order to accommodate parents and their busy schedules! 

Cost: Classes cost a one-time $30.00 fee per family per class.  Multiple families will be in attendance at each class. For a more individualized interaction, check out the "diagnostic consultations" and "individual and family therapy"pages. 

Current offerings: 

  • Step Ahead of Tantrums: Introduction to behavior management  & emotion-regulation strategies for children 3- 8 years of age. 

  • Build your Child's Emotion Regulation Toolkit: 60 minute course introducing emotion regulation strategies for children of all ages. This course will prepare parents to make an at-home toolkit to use when your child is angry, anxious, or upset. 

  • Introduction to ADHD:  Brief introduction to what ADHD is, how it is diagnosed, treatment and services.  Beneficial for parents of children of all ages, though best for parents of school-age children. 

  • A Parent's Guide to Autism: This is a class for parents of children who have a formal autism diagnosis. In this 90 minute course, I will introduce autism and recommended treatments. 

  • Autism Signs & Symptoms : This is a class for parents who suspect their child might have Autism. We will discuss signs and symptoms, and next steps if you would like to get your child assessed

Classes are taught multiple times a month based on need/interest. Please click the link below to indicate interest in an upcoming workshop. We will let you know as soon as the class has been filled and then it will be scheduled. 

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