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Harbor Regional Center Psychological Evaluations 

Dr. Haley Murphy is a contracted vendor of Harbor Regional Center. You may be assigned to Dr. Murphy for a psychological evaluation for the purpose of assisting with eligibility decisions for the Regional Center. By law, we are required to provide a link to the DDS website and telephone number to assist with any questions or appeals.  Please direct questions to your Harbor Regional Center Intake Coordinator or Service Coordinator.


Harbor Regional Center Phone #: (310) 540-1711

DDS Webpage: 

DDS phone number: 916-654-1987

Please note: Dr. Murphy does not make a decision about eligibility for Harbor Regional Center. It is the HRC Eligibility Review team who makes the determination after reviewing the client file. Information from other sources beyond the contracted evaluation may be used in the decision-making process. A diagnosis alone is not sufficient for eligibility under the Lanterman Act. Please refer to your intake coordinator for questions regarding eligibility.

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